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Beat a DUI in Rhode Island Read the full article November 15, 2020 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
How To Beat a DUI in Newport Rhode Island

Anyone who has ever been convicted of a DUI knows that you should take these charges very seriously. Dealing with a DUI can be ...

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Holiday DUIs Read the full article December 20, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
What You Need to Know About Holiday DUIs

With celebrations in full swing, holiday DUIs are more common during this time of year. Drunk driving statistics state that 40 percent ...

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Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act Read the full article October 16, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
What You Should Know About The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act

A fun night out on the town can sometimes have serious consequences when liquor and drinking go hand in hand. As a driver, it’s your ...

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field sobriety tests Read the full article September 10, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
Different Field Sobriety Tests and Their Results

Drivers should be familiar with the different kinds of field sobriety tests they might encounter on the road. Police are serious about ...

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Lose Your Medical License Read the full article August 27, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
Can You Lose Your Medical License If You Get A DUI

Many consequences can come from an arrest for a DUI. For some, the biggest issue is the financial implications. For others, it’s the ...

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Dies From Overdosing Read the full article July 13, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
Can I Face Charges If Someone I Gave Drugs To Dies From Overdosing

We all know the addiction crisis that is sweeping through the nation, as well as the fatal consequences of overdosing. It is common for ...

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DUI In Newport Read the full article July 03, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
What Happens When You’re Charged With a DUI in Newport

Are you, or someone you know facing a DUI in Newport, Rhode Island? Dealing with the consequences of a DUI (driving under the ...

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Fentanyl testing Read the full article June 09, 2018 By: S. Joshua Macktaz
Fentanyl Testing Possible With This Strip

Overdose deaths linked to opioids have hit the United States hard.  Rhode Island is no exception. To help slow this epidemic, Rhode ...

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