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Marijuana Crimes

There are more arrests associated with the possession of marijuana than with possession of any other illicit drug in Rhode Island. According to the Rhode Island UCR, in 2001 nearly 53 percent of adult arrests for drug possession and over 81 percent of all juvenile arrests for drug possession were marijuana-related.

Rhode Island Marijuana Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. provides aggressive and effective representation to individuals facing Marijuana (also called pot or weed) related Rhode Island drug offenses such as misdemeanor possession, felony possession, cultivation, sale, delivery, and distribution. A former Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General from 1993-1997 Attorney Macktaz has extensive experience with a misdemeanor and felony Marijuana possession, sale, and distribution cases as a prosecutor and has used that knowledge to successfully defend his private clients accused of marijuana and drug related offenses. Before becoming a private Rhode Island Defense Lawyer, Attorney Macktaz lectured in-coming police academy cadets as an AG Prosecutor on proper prosecutions. This unique experience has afforded Mr. Macktaz a wealth of knowledge not readily available to the average criminal defense attorney.

The criminal law embodies the statutes defining criminal offenses, including how offenders are to be charged, tried, and punished. If you are facing criminal charges in Rhode Island such as narcotics or Marijuana possession, intent, cultivation, sale, distribution, or delivery contact S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. a Rhode Island Defense Attorney today for a free, initial consultation to discuss your case.

Even though Rhode Island has legalized the use and possession of Medical Marijuana this does not immunize everyone. The penalties for possession of Marijuana in the state of Rhode Island are still severe.

Possession of Marijuana in Rhode Island Penalties:

  • Possession of Less than 1 kilogram of Marijuana in RI
    Considered Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of $200 – $500. If you receive a sentence of probation with no imprisonment, the offender is required to undergo a drug abuse evaluation, attend a drug education course and perform up to 100 hours of community service.
  • Possession 1 kilogram to 5 kilograms of Marijuana in RI
    Considered felony marijuana possession and comes with the penalty is a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years (10) in prison with a maximum of 50 years and a fine of $10,000 – $500,000.
  • Possession of More than 5 kilograms of Marijuana in RI
    Considered felony marijuana possession and the penalty is a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty years (25) in prison with a maximum of life in prison and a fine of $25,000 – $100,000

Sale or possession within 300 yards of a school, public park or playground doubles the possible penalties.

In addition to these penalties if caught driving while in possession of marijuana this is penalized by automatic suspension of the offender’s driver’s license for six months for the first offense and for one year for subsequent offenses.

For sentences of probation with no imprisonment, the offender is required to undergo a drug abuse evaluation, attend a drug education course and perform 100 hours of community service.

Sale or Cultivation of Marijuana in Rhode Island Penalties:


  • Manufacture or delivery of less than 1 kilogram of Marijuana in RI
    Manufacture or delivery of less than one kilogram of marijuana is punishable by up to 30 years in prison and a fine of $3,000 – $100,000.
  • Manufacture or delivery of 1 kilogram to 5 kilograms of Marijuana in RI
    For five kilograms or less, the penalty is a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison with a maximum of 50 years and a fine of $10,000 – $500,000.
  • Manufacture or delivery of 5 kilograms of Marijuana in RI
    For more than five kilograms, the penalty is a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty years in prison with a maximum of life in prison and a fine of $25,000 – $100,000.

    Delivery to a minor at least three years younger than the offender adds an additional 2 – 5 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.
    Sale or possession within 300 yards of a school, public park or playground doubles the possible penalties.

    These are serious penalties. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a marijuana-related crime Contact Newport, Rhode Island Marijuana Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. today at 401-285-2996 and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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    From the moment that I first contacted Josh, he was nothing but professional. Josh got back to me immediately and conducted a phone interview on a holiday Monday at no cost to me. He was very forthright and truthful. By the end of our discussion I had decided to obtain Josh's services. During our discussion, Josh had already mapped out a plan if I did decide to go with him. Everything that Josh told me that day and every other time we spoke, was exactly spot on. I never felt so prepared. That should have come to no surprise to me considering Josh's resume and experiences. He seems to be one of the better known lawyers in the court system. His knowledge of judges, court clerks, state attorneys, and other lawyers is extremely helpful in getting his cases moved to the top of the docket. We never waited long in any of the courts I attended. Other court dates that I was not required to be there Josh let me know plenty of time in advance. There is nothing that comes as a surprise to him. I had never met Josh in person until our first court date but he knew exactly who I was and was totally prepared to litigate on my behalf. I would never hope to be in the situation that I was in again, but if I am I will call Josh immediately. I thought that if not for this problem, we would have been friends in another life. Josh is extremely prepared, professional, and well worth the fee.Do yourself a favor that if you are looking for a lawyer to help you through an alcohol related issue you can do no better that obtaining S.Joshua Macktaz as your representative.
    Marty Orokos
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    Josh gave me a free consultation over the phone as I was unable to go to his office. He explained the entire process so I fully understood what to expect in and out of court, while making the experience as easy, and painless as possible. He will work directly with the court system to get you the best possible outcome, given your case. For mine, It went exactly as he said it would. I am extremely satisfied with his services!
    Mike Alessandro
    19:15 06 Mar 20
    Josh was hands down the best. He was never misleading with any information and let me know step by step how everything was going to go. All of my questions and concerns were answered by him in a timely manner and he made the whole process as easy, stress free (considering the circumstances) as possible. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Macktaz as a DUI lawyer. Thank you again!
    Em S
    19:49 05 Mar 20
    Josh is an incredible asset as your attorney. He truly is a master of his craft and will give you realistic expectations regarding your case. His honesty is truly commendable, keeping you in the loop at all times and on top of your case. Always prompt in his response, Josh is always willing to help ease your concerns regarding your legal issues. Can’t thank Josh enough for his help, the guy is the best and the only attorney I’d recommend to my friends and family!!
    Mark V
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    Josh exceeded my expectations and made sure my case was as painless as possible from the first meeting. Not only was he professional, but he made me feel comfortable and gave me clarity to the extent of everything would work out. I hope I don’t have to, but I would choose to work with Josh again if any legal matters were come up again.
    Jake Whitmarsh
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    This was my first time having to seek the services of a lawyer. Josh was friendly, transparent and incredibly informative. He helped me understand the process every step of the way. I'm grateful to have found him and wouldn't think twice about seeking his services again.
    23:04 02 Feb 20
    Josh was incredibly helpful in a difficult legal journey. I would absolutely hire him again if the need should arise. He came highly recommended and I now understand why. He made everything seem less scary and manageable.
    Jill Lamere
    16:33 01 Feb 20
    Josh Macktaz is an extremely knowledgeable and skillful attorney who is a model of clarity in explaining even complex matters in the most comprehensible manner. He clearly outlined an effective strategy and then effectively implemented it. I give him my highest recommendation. On top of it all, he is a courteous and personable individual - moreover, a person with integrity
    VINCENT M Colapietro
    16:21 01 Feb 20
    My experience with Josh was nothing short of great. From day one he was upfront about the process going forward and really helped ground me during what was an exceptionally stressful time. He is easy to get in contact with and always returns communications promptly via email or phone call. I'd highly recommend Josh to anyone who finds themselves in like circumstances, he is a fantastic lawyer who understands that good people make mistakes.
    Thomas Briggs
    12:21 22 Dec 19
    Josh Macktaz, Esq. has a combination of strong analytical and advocacy skills to assist any client. His intelligence, experience, and communicative skills is exactly what you want defending you!! I highly recommend his services.
    Ashley Napolitano
    17:31 20 Dec 19
    Can’t even imagine the mess I would be in with out Joshua’s help. I was guided from the prompt first returned phone call through the entire process. The following day after my event we meet in Newport for a free consultation and he basically told me how things would unfold. In the end I achieved the best possible outcome for me and I owe it to the relationships he has developed and the years of experience that he brings to the table.
    david crowley
    17:19 19 Dec 19
    From the beginning my case had a lot of difficulties and as we continued, new obstacles kept coming up. Josh always took the time to explain everything to me and to make sure I understood what was going on with my case. Every obstacle we encountered, he was always able to work around it and find solutions. He worked very hard to make sure I got a fair result from my case. Overall, Josh is a lawyer that truly cares about his clients and would go the extra mile to help. I strongly believe I wouldn’t have received the results I got without a lawyer like Josh. Highly recommend his services.
    Karina G
    22:10 05 Dec 19
    Great legal defense. Makes you feel comfortable every step of the way. Thank you for everything Josh.
    Sam M
    15:24 21 Nov 19
    Superb layer. Explained everything very clearly for me and helped me greatly to get an aggressive driving charge dismissed. Will recommend him as a lawyer to anyone that is seeking one. Very professional and helpful. You will not go wrong with hiring Josh Macktaz as your lawyer.
    Christopher White
    15:40 13 Nov 19
    Attorney Joshua Macktaz is very professional and personable, emanating energy and confidence in all he does. Informs you every step of the way and easy to reach via email or phone call. Very knowledgeable with the law and how he takes action to get the desired result is truly remarkable. If he says something will happen, you can bet your bottom dollar it will! I Would and Will recommend Attorney J. Macktaz to anyone in need of an excellent trustworthy Attorney.I really hope this review helps someone that is not sure where to turn for help.
    Nicholas Silva
    18:03 11 Oct 19
    Joshua was awesome in every aspect with me and my husband for his DUI case would hands down reccomend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable and will be there every step of the way to make this process as easy and painless as it can be. Overall we had a great experience.
    Erin Barche
    14:36 09 Sep 19
    Josh is the best hands down. Excellent customer service. Very respectful. Always on time. You can tell he truly puts 100% into your case to get you the best results. Wouldn’t go to anyone else thank very much Mr. Macktaz I appreciate you
    brian car
    13:17 06 Sep 19
    Josh is the attorney to call to help you solve your problem. He knows the law and he works for your best interests. I would not bother to call anyone else. If you are facing trouble, call Josh first, don't waste valuable time. I called his office and he called me back right away and consulted with me. You will not go wrong by hiring this attorney. I certainly did not. I received a very favorable outcome due to Josh's diligent work. Definitely the best out there !
    Jennifer Chandler
    15:32 29 Aug 19
    Mr. Macktaz handled my case in a prompt and professional manor with the necessary legal experience that achieved a positive and beneficial result.
    Bryan Stewart
    00:35 21 Aug 19
    I chose Josh because he seemed experienced and reputable. I was right. Josh knew the ins and outs of my situation, and he provided comforting wisdom every step of the way. When all was said and done, he did exactly what he said he would do, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
    Jon Doe
    19:12 31 Jul 19
    Excellent attorney. Did exactly what he said he would and didn't promise anything he couldn't. Very knowledgeable and professional.
    Seth Med
    15:31 31 Jul 19
    Joshua Macktaz is a very good very professional lawyer. Throughout me case he handled it seriously and kept me in the loop even when I was not present in the court room. Joshua represented me over a year long trial, and he never gave me a issue and in the end he got me a great result. All around I seriously recommend Joshua as a lawyer.
    Caleb Butler
    18:43 30 Jul 19
    Josh was very professional. Took time to answer all my questions in a timely fashion. Made me feel at ease about the situation. Great lawyer
    Brandon Nantais
    10:06 07 May 19
    Mr. Macktaz is an outstanding lawyer. He goes above and beyond for his clients making sure they get the best possible outcome there is! He believes good people sometimes make bad mistakes. I would highly reccommend his services. He will be with you every step of the way.
    Haley Nims
    17:00 05 May 19
    Josh Macktaz is is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client.I found him to be very trustworthy and intelligent. I had a technical probation violation. I needed a good lawyer for representation and Josh came highly recommended. He was very honest, respectful and made you feel at ease throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him to family & friends.Thank You Josh & God Bless -Sam
    Sam Wlt
    18:21 01 May 19
    Josh is committed to following through with his clients and ensuring they are happy. He is not only thorough but he is very responsive and cares. I appreciated his help and he adequately explained the process.
    Aly Starr
    02:27 25 Feb 19
    My Experience with Josh representing me was beyond what I could have hoped for. Josh explained his thoughts and exceptions on my case & followed through to receive the best outcome.. Cannot thank you enough Josh!
    Troy McGann
    13:12 15 Jan 19
    I highly recommend the services of Josh Macktaz. He was responsive, efficient and very realistic about my case and the associated penalties. My legal costs were exactly as he suggested on our first call (which were fair). He is very knowledgeable of the Rhode Island law and has very strong contacts at the traffic tribunal. Related, he handled minor hearings without me which saved me money and travel time. He did the best possible job for a guy in my situation. Anyone that has a drunk driving charge in RI that does not consider Josh Macktaz is risking their future and wasting their dollars.
    Chad M
    23:10 13 Jan 19
    My experience with Josh was beyond positive. If I could rate higher than five stars I would. Through out my entire process he was professional, straightforward, knowledgeable and understanding. It did not take long after meeting him I knew I needed him to represent me. Although my road was long Josh stuck with me every step of the way. There is no doubt in my mind without him I would not have been able to get the best possible outcome in my case. For that my family and I are forever grateful to him. He truly is a master of his craft and a fighter through and through. If you need representation look no further " This is the Man you want In your corner."
    Daniel James
    14:08 22 Dec 18
    I hired Joshua Mactaz to represent me. He did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable, hard worker and will do anything for you. I would recommend him to anyone and I would certainly have him represent me again.
    Susan DeFedele
    06:41 14 Dec 18

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