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DUI .15 Charges in Hopkinton RI Reduced

May, 22 2023

DUI Criminal Charges:

Driving Under the Influence > .15

Hopkinton Police Report: 

Hopkinton police were traveling south on l-95s when they observed a 2020 black Jeep operating in the right lane of travel. Police observed the Jeep’s driver’s side tail lamp to be non-functioning and laned roadway violations committed just prior to exit #1. Police observed the Jeep’s driver’s side tires cross over the lane separators and into the left lane of travel and then in a ‘Jerking” manner, back over into the right lane of travel. Polie observed the Jeep’s passengers whole side tires cross over the solid white fog line and into the breakdown lane to the point where almost the Jeep was operating in the breakdown lane. Police observed the Jeep to swerve within its lane of travel, take exit #1 at an unsafe speed and turn right onto Main Street. Police activated their emergency lights and conducted a motor vehicle stop.

Upon approaching the Jeep, police advised Client as to why he was stopping him and asked Client for his operator’s license and vehicle registration, which he provided. Client stated he was coming from downtown Newport and was going to West Greenwich. While speaking with Client police observed an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath, his eyes to be moderately bloodshot and watery and his speech to be slow. Police asked Client if he had consumed any alcohol recently and Client admitted he had two drinks earlier in the night as he went out to dinner with some friends. Client takes and fails 3 field sobriety tests. Client is arrested and agrees to take the breathalyzer at the station with readings of .163 and .161.

Case Result:


DUI .15 Charges in Hopkinton RI Reduced

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