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Cocaine Crimes

Newport Rhode Island Cocaine Offenses Attorney

Newport Rhode Island Cocaine Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. provides aggressive and effective representation to individuals facing Cocaine or Crack cocaine related drug offenses in Rhode Island state and federal courts.

If you have been charged with possession, sale, delivery, or distribution of cocaine you need immediate representation by a skilled and experienced Newport, Rhode Island Drug Crimes Defense Attorney.

As a former Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General from 1993-1997 Attorney Macktaz has extensive experience with felony Cocaine and Crack Cocaine possession, sale, and distribution cases as a prosecutor. Mr. Macktaz uses that knowledge to successfully defend his private clients accused of cocaine and drug related offenses. Before becoming a private Rhode Island Defense Lawyer, Attorney Macktaz lectured in-coming police academy cadets as an AG Prosecutor on proper prosecutions. This unique experience has afforded Mr. Macktaz a wealth of knowledge not readily available to the average Rhode Island Drug Crimes Attorney.

Cocaine is listed under State of Rhode Island General Laws under Food and Drugs Chapter 21-28 as a Schedule II Controlled substance and carries with it the harshest of penalties for possession or distribution of Cocaine or Crack Cocaine.

Penalties and consequences are even more severe if someone is charged for a capital offense or a felony in which the use of force or violence is involved in concurrence with the distribution of cocaine.

Being arrested for or charged with cocaine distribution, sale, or delivery puts an individual in a very serious situation. Whether the law enforcement officers on your case are:

  • Local police
  • County Sheriff’s department
  • State Police, including the highway patrol
  • FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • DEA (the federal Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also a federal agency)
  • The Coast Guard

An individual facing state or federal cocaine distribution charges is in grave need of a highly competent criminal defense lawyer. The war on drugs will roll right over a defendant without legal representation.

As a Schedule II drug, cocaine is known to be highly addictive and extremely lucrative for drug dealers and traffickers. State and federal prosecutors are very eager to show that they’re putting away a lot of people involved in cocaine distribution.

According to the DEA, there were more than 11,400 federal cocaine offenders in the U.S. courts in 2006 alone. More than 97 percent of these offenders were in court facing cocaine distribution charges. The federal system is very strict on individuals and organizations that are alleged to be engaged in cocaine manufacture, import, and distribution/sales/trafficking; the potential prison sentences and fines can be steep

Factors That Affect Your Case

If you have been charged with cocaine distribution, your defense lawyer can tell you about the state drug laws and what you can expect to face as penalties if you’re convicted. Rhode Island State laws for Cocaine are very stringent but the factors that commonly affect the severity of the penalties in both the state and federal systems are:

  • How much cocaine was allegedly involved
  • Whether it was powder cocaine or crack cocaine
  • Whether you are a minor or an adult
  • Whether any minors (persons under 18) were involved in the alleged incident
  • Whether the alleged distribution took place near a school or university
  • Whether any person was seriously injured or killed
  • Whether this is a first cocaine distribution offense or not
  • Any prior criminal history you possess

The potential penalties for cocaine distribution include lengthy prison sentences (including life sentences), high fines (up to millions of dollars), and forfeiture of your personal property and real estate.

Rhode Island Penalties for Possession or Distribution of Cocaine are as follows:

Rhode Island Legal Code Section 21-28-4.01, et seq. (Summary)

Possession of Cocaine

Nolo contendere pleas:

  • 100 hrs. community service and drug education program
  • Up to 1 oz.: 3 yrs. in prison and/or $500 to $5000;
  • 1 oz.-1 kg.: 10-50 yrs. in prison and/or $10,000-$50,000;
  • Over 1 kg.: 20 yrs. to life in prison and $25,000 to $1,000,000

Sale of Cocaine

  • Person not drug dependent: life in prison and/or $10,000 to $500,000;
  • Drug dependent: 30 yrs. in prison and or $3000 to $100,000;
  • 1 kg.: minimum 10-50 yrs. in prison and/or $10,000 to $500,000;
  • Over 1 kg.: 20 yrs.-life in prison and/or $25,000-$1,000,000;
  • Sale to minor or 3 yrs. junior: minimum 15 yrs. in prison and up to $500,000;
  • Within 300 yds. of a school: double penalties

No matter what cocaine distribution or possession charges you’re facing, Rhode Island Defense Attorney Macktaz will fight to minimize the negative outcome of your case ─ negotiating with the prosecutor to get your charges reduced or dismissed, interviewing witnesses and pursuing a thorough investigation of your case. Your attorney’s most critical job is to protect and uphold your constitutionally guaranteed rights at every step in the legal process.

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Joshua was awesome in every aspect with me and my husband for his DUI case would hands down reccomend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable and will be there every step of the way to make this process as easy and painless as it can be. Overall we had a great experience.
Erin Barche
14:36 09 Sep 19
Josh is the best hands down. Excellent customer service. Very respectful. Always on time. You can tell he truly puts 100% into your case to get you the best results. Wouldn’t go to anyone else thank very much Mr. Macktaz I appreciate you
brian car
13:17 06 Sep 19
Josh is the attorney to call to help you solve your problem. He knows the law and he works for your best interests. I would not bother to call anyone else. If you are facing trouble, call Josh first, don't waste valuable time. I called his office and he called me back right away and consulted with me. You will not go wrong by hiring this attorney. I certainly did not. I received a very favorable outcome due to Josh's diligent work. Definitely the best out there !
Jennifer Chandler
15:32 29 Aug 19
Mr. Macktaz handled my case in a prompt and professional manor with the necessary legal experience that achieved a positive and beneficial result.
Bryan Stewart
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I chose Josh because he seemed experienced and reputable. I was right. Josh knew the ins and outs of my situation, and he provided comforting wisdom every step of the way. When all was said and done, he did exactly what he said he would do, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Jon Doe
19:12 31 Jul 19
Excellent attorney. Did exactly what he said he would and didn't promise anything he couldn't. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Seth Med
15:31 31 Jul 19
Joshua Macktaz is a very good very professional lawyer. Throughout me case he handled it seriously and kept me in the loop even when I was not present in the court room. Joshua represented me over a year long trial, and he never gave me a issue and in the end he got me a great result. All around I seriously recommend Joshua as a lawyer.
Caleb Butler
18:43 30 Jul 19
Josh was very professional. Took time to answer all my questions in a timely fashion. Made me feel at ease about the situation. Great lawyer
Brandon Nantais
10:06 07 May 19
Mr. Macktaz is an outstanding lawyer. He goes above and beyond for his clients making sure they get the best possible outcome there is! He believes good people sometimes make bad mistakes. I would highly reccommend his services. He will be with you every step of the way.
Haley Nims
17:00 05 May 19
Josh Macktaz is is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client.I found him to be very trustworthy and intelligent. I had a technical probation violation. I needed a good lawyer for representation and Josh came highly recommended. He was very honest, respectful and made you feel at ease throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him to family & friends.Thank You Josh & God Bless -Sam
Sam Wlt
18:21 01 May 19
Josh is committed to following through with his clients and ensuring they are happy. He is not only thorough but he is very responsive and cares. I appreciated his help and he adequately explained the process.
Aly Starr
02:27 25 Feb 19
My Experience with Josh representing me was beyond what I could have hoped for. Josh explained his thoughts and exceptions on my case & followed through to receive the best outcome.. Cannot thank you enough Josh!
Troy McGann
13:12 15 Jan 19
I highly recommend the services of Josh Macktaz. He was responsive, efficient and very realistic about my case and the associated penalties. My legal costs were exactly as he suggested on our first call (which were fair). He is very knowledgeable of the Rhode Island law and has very strong contacts at the traffic tribunal. Related, he handled minor hearings without me which saved me money and travel time. He did the best possible job for a guy in my situation. Anyone that has a drunk driving charge in RI that does not consider Josh Macktaz is risking their future and wasting their dollars.
Chad M
23:10 13 Jan 19
My experience with Josh was beyond positive. If I could rate higher than five stars I would. Through out my entire process he was professional, straightforward, knowledgeable and understanding. It did not take long after meeting him I knew I needed him to represent me. Although my road was long Josh stuck with me every step of the way. There is no doubt in my mind without him I would not have been able to get the best possible outcome in my case. For that my family and I are forever grateful to him. He truly is a master of his craft and a fighter through and through. If you need representation look no further " This is the Man you want In your corner."
Daniel James
14:08 22 Dec 18
I hired Joshua Mactaz to represent me. He did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable, hard worker and will do anything for you. I would recommend him to anyone and I would certainly have him represent me again.
Susan DeFedele
06:41 14 Dec 18

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