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Newport DUI Case Dismissed and Expunged

Feb, 01 2022

Criminal Charges:

Driving Under the Influence

Police Report: 

RI State Police while on routine patrol observe Client’s vehicle swerving in front of them. They activate their lights and Client’s vehicle does not stop immediately. Upon stopping and speaking with Client, troopers observe him to have an odor of alcohol, bloodshot and watery eyes and mumbled speech. Client takes and fails 3 field sobriety tests. He is arrested and agrees to take the breathalyzer at the station, with readings of .062 and .065. Despite both numbers being below the legal limit, troopers suspect Client is also under the influence of drugs as well. Troopers take Client to the hospital where he consents to a blood draw.

Case Result:

DUI: Dismissed and Expunged Off Record

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Newport DUI Case Dismissed and Expunged

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