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The Role of a Rhode Island DWI Lawyer

Oct, 19 2017
The Role of a Rhode Island DWI Lawyer

When you face DWI charges, the consequences are scary. In Rhode Island, the penalties for DWI charges are particularly harsh. The outcome of your case can directly affect your future. To ensure that you get the best possible outcome, you should hire a Rhode Island DWI lawyer. Find out how hiring a lawyer can help you and what risks you face hiring the wrong lawyer.

What can a Rhode Island DWI lawyer do?

There are many benefits to hiring a DWI lawyer. Here are a few ways that your lawyer can help you.

1. Come up with a strong defense

There are many different defenses to a DWI case. However, not all defenses are right for your case. Your lawyer can determine the best way to handle your case. For example, she might review your case and learn that there was police misconduct. If the police did not stick to protocol, she could use that to get you a better outcome. A judge could throw out a key piece of evidence in light of the misconduct.

Depending on the specifics of your incident and arrest, your lawyer can come up with an effective strategy. With years of experience, your Rhode Island DWI lawyer has seen it all. It’s likely that she handled a case similar to yours and knows how to represent you.

2. Find relevant laws that help your case

To be a DWI lawyer, you need to know everything there is to know about DWI laws. Most people have very little knowledge of DWI laws. If you hire a lawyer with experience in this niche, you have representation that can use laws to help your case. For example, your lawyer might realize that there was a similar case to yours in the past that had a good outcome. She can cite the case to help your own outcome.

Additionally, your lawyer can use relevant laws to advise you on your own behavior. She might tell you to avoid saying something that would otherwise incriminate you. Likewise, she can inform you of all your rights. If someone violates those rights, she can help you get justice. A DWI lawyer uses laws like an arsenal of weapons; she uses them to defend you and to get a good outcome.

3. Reduce your penalty

If you were drunk at the time of your arrest, it’s likely that you will face consequences for your actions. With or without a lawyer, you could be in trouble. However, a DWI lawyer can limit the consequences of your charges. Your lawyer can represent you in a way that convinces the judge to issue a lesser sentence. With her help, you may end up with a slap on the wrist instead of a harsh penalty.

4. Limit your worries

When you know what’s at stake, a DWI charge can be a huge source of stress. Hiring a Rhode Island DWI lawyer limits that stress. She can take care of all the paperwork and advise you on anything that you should be doing. Instead of bearing the burden of the court case, you can pass that burden to your lawyer. You also get the peace of mind that your case is in great hands.

The Risks of Using Another Type of Lawyer

While you might think that any legal representation is good representation, that’s not the case. There are many different areas of law that a lawyer can study. A lawyer with experience and knowledge in one area may not know much about another area. For example, a divorce lawyer knows everything she needs to know about divorce. But she might know very little about DWIs. She could be the best divorce lawyer in the country, but a terrible DWI lawyer.  In order to represent someone with a DWI, she would need to do a great deal of research.

Even with hours of research, no lawyer can become an expert on DWIs in a short time. When you hire a Rhode Island DWI lawyer, you get someone with years of experience. Your lawyer understands the best ways to represent you in court. Additionally, he knows how to build a strong case. He may even know about some little-known loopholes that could convince a judge to dismiss your case. If you want a great option, a Rhode Island DWI lawyer is your best bet.

The Consequences of DWI Charges

In Rhode Island, drinking and driving has harsh consequences. You could face jail time, steep fines, license suspension, and other penalties. If you have multiple offenses, the stakes are even higher. The penalties for second and third-time offenders are greater. You face longer jail sentences and higher fines.

Despite the seriousness of a DWI charge, a great lawyer can minimize the consequences. He may even be able to get a judge to drop your case. Even if a judge finds you guilty, your lawyer could be convincing enough to get you the minimum penalties.

The Role of a Rhode Island DWI Lawyer

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