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I never once felt left in the dark.

Jan, 09 2017

Joshua Macktaz

Reviewed by “T.W.”

When I was arrested for possession, I had very little hope of receiving a favorable outcome because of a previous charge from the State of New Jersey. My lack of optimism turned around very quickly, however, after meeting Mr. Macktaz. Not because he promised me that we could get the most favorable result, but because after our first conversation I could tell he was a highly motivated and intelligent individual who was extremely knowledgeable in the field of Rhode Island criminal defense policies. Mr. Macktaz laid out the entire process to me with all its many possibilities so that it was crystal clear what was happening at each step of the process and I never once felt left in the dark.

When all was said and done, Joshua Macktaz was able to get me a deferred sentence, a very rare occurrence in the Rhode Island criminal justice system. I am ever grateful for the work that Josh did for me. My future will be much brighter because of this man. If you find yourself being charged by the State of Rhode Island, you would be making a grave mistake not choosing Joshua Macktaz to fight for you.

Thanks again Josh.


I never once felt left in the dark.

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