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Do DWI and DUI Classes Really Work at Preventing Future Drunk Driving?

Dec, 19 2017
DUI classes

Do DWI and DUI Classes Really Work at Preventing Future Drunk Driving?

When you are convicted of a DUI or DWI, DUI classes tend to become par for the course. These are usually something that the court requires, but you find on your own. There are also other problems that might be found with the classes, but some assets to them as well. It is a mixed bag that really depends on the person and the path they want to take. You can read more about them here.

DUI Classes: No Regulation of Classes

While you re required to take the course, there is rarely any real regulation to the course that you are taking. Your attendance will be verified and so will the completion of the course. However, what is being taught in the course is not something that is verifiable. While there may be points that the class has to cover and even required materials or a certified administrator, there is no telling what happens in the classroom. There could be something that a new instructor missed. Or a seasoned instructor might be getting fed up with their job and not care. These are things that might cause laps in education for the course. This means that offenders could be held accountable for the information they have not received.

DUI Classes: Retention of Information

Even if the class goes as planned and everything is covered, there is no guarantee that the people in the class are retaining everything. Sure, you know that you are going to have a test, so you study. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t forget it all afterward. Especially when you have a new test to study for. There are plenty of ways to get through a class and pass. But, retaining the information isn’t always something that withstands after it is over. It is hard enough when you are in school and attending classes consistently. It is exponentially harder when you haven’t taken a class in some time and your mind wanders into bills you have to pay.  But, remembering the class is important if they are to be effective.

DUI Classes: Application in The Real World

Retaining information doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have applications in the real situations. We have all sat through a math class and forgotten what we’ve learned since then. And how many times have you really applied what you have learned in that class? It is really a matter of remembering, but also applying what you have learned. It can be easy to slide through a class, but it is harder to implement those lessons in life. Especially if those lessons devalue something that you enjoy or a habit you have acquired. That is where the real problem lies. In a society that relates so much of our lives to drinking, how does someone resist temptation and stay on track after a mistake this big? It can be all too easy to say yes to drink and think you can get away with it when temptation is staring you in the face.

DUI Classes: Statistics

While studies have been conducted, there is no solid evidence one way or another as to the effectiveness of DUI classes. While forty-two studies were conducted using data, there was a lack of high-quality evidence. There was no evidence that showed that the programs in place prevented recidivism and there was some data showing highly supervised programs were effective. There are still some studies that are pending and more research is a need, to actually deduce any verdict on the matter. However, it seems like there may never be a real answer. Even if the statistics seem to point in one direction, that doesn’t mean that it is correct. You cannot irrefutably state that one thing deters DUI cases without knowing what is going on in someone’s brain. While there is a need for research, there is a bigger need to find an effective evaluation method of the data that is acquired and how it is obtained.

Regardless of whether the court requires you to take classes, pay fines or serve time; DUI cases are no fun. A DUI class might be the lesser of your problems if you face conviction. This is not the kind of charge you want to take lightly. It is also something that is probably far more serious than you realize. Having someone represent you well is very important. They need to be your voice in court and have your best interest at heart. But, more than that; they need to have an in-depth understanding of the law and experience with cases like yours. This will be an asset to you when you go to court. The more they know about your case and can relate other cases to it, the better the strategy they build for you. A conviction of this magnitude can affect your life and dim your future. You can start your research here.

Do DWI and DUI Classes Really Work at Preventing Future Drunk Driving?

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