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Rhode Island Man Accused In Drunk Driving Accident That Resulted In One Death
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Rhode Island Man Accused In Drunk Driving Accident That Resulted In One Death May-30-2014

A Rhode Island man is suspected of striking four while driving under the influence. One of the victims has died. The accident took ...

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Rhode Island Teenager Charged With Assault And Disorderly Conduct May-29-2014

A teenage boy in North Kingstown was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct in connection to a violent episode that was ...

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Cranston Police Captain Seeks 5 Million In Damages May-28-2014

Cranston police captain is seeking over five million dollars in financial damages from the city, for a vendetta that was conducted ...

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Two People Charged In Clearwater Shootings May-28-2014

The shooting in Clearwater beach, Florida left two people wounded on Memorial Day. Authorities say that four men face charges, but that ...

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New Jersey Man Sentenced In Daughter’s Murder May-28-2014

A New Jersey man who tossed his 2-year-old daughter into a creek was sentenced today. He apologized to the baby’s mother but did ...

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Summer in Newport May-20-2014

Hi folks, Newport, RI DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz here. Newport, RI is one of the most beautiful places on the ...

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Man who confessed to drunken driving in viral video gets 6½ years Oct-24-2013

The Ohio man who confessed in a viral video that he killed a man while driving drunk was sentenced Wednesday to six-and-a-half years in ...

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