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Tempest Murder Conviction Vacated by Rhode Island Judge


23 years ago Raymond D. Tempest was convicted for the murder of a young woman in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. On July 13th, 2015, Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Procaccini vacated his second-degree murder conviction stating,

“Irrespective of the petitioner’s guilt or innocence, justice demands the setting aside of his conviction … It is clear that he was deprived of a fair trial when he was found guilty,”
Tempest Murder Conviction Vacated

After a lengthy post-conviction hearing where Tempest’s lawyers defended him on on the grounds of the DNA evidence clearly indicating that another person was responsible for the death of Doreen Picard. Judge Procaccini is requiring specific conditions to foster Tempest’s reintegration into society, including home-confinement. This is the first time a Rhode Island judge has mandated the inclusion of DNA testing to overturn a conviction.

This is a truly incredible criminal defense story where a man’s conviction for first-degree murder has been set aside by a bold and intelligent Rhode Island judge. Having grown up in Woonsocket during the 80’s and 90’s where the murders took place, this case was forever woven into the fabric of the city and to see this result 23 years later is incredible. For all the folks who ask criminal lawyers “How can you defend criminal clients?”, This is why… just because the police say someone is guilty does not make it true!

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