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Summer in Newport


Hi folks, Newport, RI DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz here. Newport, RI is one of the most beautiful places on the east coast of the United States to live or vacation. Its rich history and architecture, combined with outstanding restaurants, shops and attractions, have made Newport, RI a vacation and sailing town renowned throughout the world. However, with the influx of millions of tourists per summer, the Newport Police Department is one of the most active departments in the entire State of Rhode Island.

First and foremost, I recommend everyone use a designated driver or private taxi service to travel in Newport if you plan on enjoying all the bars and clubs that Newport has to offer. Uber has just opened a franchise in Newport to rave reviews. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being stopped for DUI, just remember the following simple tips. First, never admit to drinking any amount of alcohol, and never agree to take the field-sobriety tests. The police will make it seem as though you have no choice and that you must take the tests, but you do not have to. Simply and politely decline to answer any questions, or take any tests, and call me (401.861.1155) when they offer you a phone call at the station. This will give us a much better chance at defeating your DUI charge.

The above rules apply to boating as well. Every summer, Newport Police make numerous Boating Under the Influence arrests in Newport harbor. These convictions carry stiff penalties, including the loss of one’s license to operate a motor vehicle. Again, do not ever admit to drinking any amount of alcohol and never agree to take any field-sobriety tests if you have been stopped boating after you have had a couple of drinks.

Newport Police are also prone to arrest folks for Disorderly Conduct or Simple Assault and Battery during the summer months. Let’s face it, people come to Newport to enjoy themselves which usually means drinking alcohol. Many times these crowded bars can be hot-beds for arguments and simple nudges to turn into full-blown brawls. Trust me, the police know this and have officers stationed all summer near the most popular night time spots. So, if you find yourself in this type of situation make every effort to avoid conflict and leave the establishment immediately. Or, simply ask the bouncer or manager of the location for assistance if you need help. A little common sense can go a long way to avoiding a criminal arrest.

Drinking in public, and public urination, are prosecuted more heavily during the summer as a direct result of the added number of people in town. Newport, RI has a strict no-tolerance policy for public drinking and thus should be avoided at all costs.

As in any town, in any situation, if you find yourself being questioned by the police for any reason, POLITELY EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, and call my office so that I can assist you in defeating any criminal charge brought against you this summer in Newport, RI.