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Irresponsible Parenting
irresponsible parenting Read the full article
Irresponsible Parenting Nov-28-2017

Driving drunk with children is not just irresponsible parenting- it’s a felony Driving drunk is always a bad idea. But driving drunk ...

The Role of a Rhode Island DWI Lawyer Read the full article
The Role of a Rhode Island DWI Lawyer Oct-19-2017

When you face DWI charges, the consequences are scary. In Rhode Island, the penalties for DWI charges are particularly harsh. The ...

DUI First Offense Read the full article
4 Saving Graces of the DUI First Offense in Your Life Apr-07-2017

While accidents do happen, no one wishes to suffer a DUI offense. DUI’s can be harmful to reputation, health, and more for those ...

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Man who confessed to drunken driving in viral video gets 6½ years Oct-24-2013

The Ohio man who confessed in a viral video that he killed a man while driving drunk was sentenced Wednesday to six-and-a-half years in ...

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Police Sergeant Resigns After Sexting Scandal on Duty Aug-10-2013

A Daytona Beach, Florida Police Sergeant reportedly resigns after sexting explicit photos of herself online while on duty. Police ...

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Mother & Son Accused of Assaulting Police Officers in Motel Room Aug-10-2013

A Framingham, Massachusetts mother and son face multiple charges, including assault and battery, after authorities say they assaulted ...

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10 Year Old Boy Calls Police on Father Driving Drunk Aug-10-2013

Last week a ten year old Rhode Island boy called the police to notify them that his father was driving drunk on Interstate 95. The boy ...

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