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Choosing a Domestic Violence Attorney in Rhode Island


Domestic Violence Attorney In Rhode Island

When it comes to Domestic Violence charges in Rhode Island, the laws can be very harsh. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime of domestic violence, it is important that they reach out to a qualified attorney to find out what their best options are. In many cases, just one domestic violence charge can make your future very challenging, and it is important that you have the right attorney behind you. At the Law Office of S. Joshua Macktaz, we have been handling cases of domestic violence for decades. At our office, our goal is for our clients to walk away from their charges completely or to receive the smallest penalty possible. Our lead attorney Joshua Macktaz has the experience you need in your domestic violence case.

Never Ending Circle Of Domestic Violence

If you are accused of Domestic Violence, you will likely come under an NCO or No Contact Order. While these orders are designed to diffuse the situation, they are often misused and can be the catalyst to many more domestic violence incidents by way of use when the holder is upset or wants to threaten the other party. One of best ways to prevent similar situations from happening to you is to make sure that you do not go into any legal status alone. If you take the prosecution’s first offer in court, you could quickly come back to bite you the next time your ex is upset and sends the police after you for upsetting them.

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At the Law Office of S. Joshua Macktaz, we know the strategies that will be employed by the prosecution and want to make sure that you have a defense you can count on completely. We will challenge all evidence and ensure that no stone is unturned in our investigations which often lead to a reduction or total eradication of charges. Our office is also familiar with the crippling mandatory charges you could face for second or third offenses and wants to make sure that even if you have been found guilty once that we will do our best to protect you from a second or third conviction. If you would like to schedule a discreet free consultation contact us today at 401-861-1155.